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   Bee Better Marketing was found in 2011 by a group of bowling proprietors with over 100 years of experience owning and operating bowling centers.  We believe in, and have passion for the bowling business.  We remain active proprietors in diverse centers throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio market.
     Like many good ideas, Bee Better Marketing and the BEE A BETTER BOWLER Program was conceived to fill a need.  In our case,  the need to increase business while promoting the sport of bowling.  We specifically set out to build a service to help bowling centers identify with their infrequent customers. "Bring Em' Back" to educate on the sport, maintain bowling records and ultimately increase center revenue. Growing revenues is obvious to the success of any business, but we know and believe the financial health and success of the local bowling proprietor is key to the success of everyone that earns from our sport.

     In today's market, most bowling centers business have moved to more casual parties and corporate events.  There are fewer leagues and long term commitments to the sport.  We've found that the casual customer that comes to our centers once or twice a year, enjoys bowling, but have no connection or knowledge of the sport.  Most would never call themselves "a bowler".

     BEE A BETTER BOWLER is a complete program designed to help a bowling center learn more about their casual customers, invite them to learn the basics, connect them with the sport, challenge them and increase the FUN in bowling.

     It turns out, translating an idea to the "inter-web" isn't such a small undertaking. Fortunately, we found that we easily had all the right connections in bowling education and technology to put together a great program.  

Bob Rea, Bowler Development Specialist and Lead Instructor with Dick Ritger Bowling Camps, Clinics and Coach Training, created the lessons specifically designed for the program.  Bob's experience is unrivaled in our industry. He created and produced clear, concise bowling tips that are easy to follow.

Kelly Kulick, she "Knows Bowling"! Now three time US Women's Open Champion, Professional Bowler and Member of Team USA, is our instructor with Brad Hightchew, a Kentucky High School Bowling Champion.  Together, Kelly and Brad deliver lessons that hit the target.

RPM Technologies, based in Indianapolis IN, a really good team of technology professionals developed the program and managed the project.  They provide our systems management and on-going technical support.

SpringFin, Software Design, a Florida based company, wrote the application.  They translated the program plan into the code and made it super simple for non-technical people like us to manage. 

Laura Gillespie, Visual Designer Extraordinaire, made us look good. She is the genius behind the design, look and feel of the website, logo and of course, our BEE! 

Mosaic Production with offices in Tampa Florida and Cincinnati, was our video production team.  Their production and editing skills totally exceeded our expectations.  They delivered the sharp, quick hitting content we required to keep the viewers attention. 

Crossgate Lanes,  we would like to extend a special thank you to brother Bo, Cathy and all the staff at Crossgate on the generous accommodations for the video taping.

     We feel very fortunate to work with such great group of professionals.  They transformed our idea into reality. We are confident we have the right team to support and grow a program that can benefit all in the bowling business.

Feel free to contact us.  We'd love to hear from you with feedback on the program, in general on ways to improve our industry OR if you happen to have a tip on a good horse that's running.

BEE Better,
Dan Bedinghaus, Proprietor, Eastgate Lanes, Stone Lanes and Crossgate Lanes; Frank Ruggerie, Proprietor, Colerain Bowl; Jack and Mike Betts, Proprietors, Cherry Grove Lanes; Matt Terry, General Manager, Stone Lanes

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